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I am presently going through the rollercoster of emotions of lossing my son Calum. Last year on mtothers Day we were blessed with the gift of being parents! What better day to find out you are going to be a mother than on Mothers Day! We were nervous to share our news at the beginning and chose to wait the 12 weeks before telling the world. Oh how we could'nt wait! The pregnancy was a very smooth ride throughout. Calum's due date was Jan 7th 2012! On that day I had not felt him moving and thought maybe he was getting ready for his big entrance on earth and was resting. I intuatively called the hospital to see if it was common. We went in to have the monitor placed, right away the nurse had difficulty finding the heart beat, others came in to try and help. Right away my husband knew there was infact NO heartbeat! Words cannot even begin to discribe the feelings that ran through us. We rushed to another hospital with the illusion that maybe just maybe the machine was wrong. NOPE! Once again we had to hear those words that felt like a bolder had just been droped on our chests. I was induced on the Sunday and gave birth to Calum at 4:43 am on Tuesday. Luckly, God sent us many angels to help us through our worst nightmare. Our families and friends are what gave us the strength and continue to support and encourage us. Even though this is very difficult I am truly blessed that god chose us to carry Calum. I would not change the fact I was ever pregnant, those were the best 9 months! We count our blessings that we have an angel baby that we are very proud of! This wednesday, I will begin a healing group that I know will truly let the healing begin! There is always light even though we don't always see it is always there :)

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