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My heart holds you both, Isabelle and Renee, as well as your families.

I too have lost a son, our first born, Carter. My pregnancy went very smoothly; it was a beautiful experience. On November 14, 2011; 37 weeks pregnant I was in labour. On our way to the hospital it was not excitement we felt but a calmness; like our hearts knew the road our journey was about to take. The nurses had trouble finding a heartbeat, one I had heard in the Doctor's office just days before. We both new we had lost our first born. Within a couple of hours I gave birth to our son, Carter. Our hearts filled with love and joy with meeting him and great sorrow as we were saying goodbye. We spent time with him; holding him. Family gathered to meet him. That day is truely a milestone in our lives. Our lives have been touched by an angel. As we move through this experience we are now celebrating his life not mourning it. We know in our hearts he is with us every moment and every step of this journey he has given us. We are grateful he chose us as parents.

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